Innovation. It’s what gave us electric light, air travel and the Internet. As good as these inventions were, it took innovation to refine and improve these technologies to get them to a viable, useful state. Solar power generation is no different, although the technology has been around for awhile its cost has inhibited its widespread use. That is about to change.Solargystics has developed a new, patent-pending technology which lowers the capital cost of thin film photovoltaic (PV) production by an order of magnitude versus current state-of-the-art commercial technologies.

Our proprietary manufacturing technology enables the production of thin film PV at less than half the cost of today’s lowest cost producer — enabling PV to finally reach “price parity” with conventional energy generation technologies and grid electricity prices.Intractable problems like global warming and energy security will only be solved by the kind of new thinking and new science that Solargystics’ technology represents providing for a sustainable future.


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The earth receives more energy from the Sun in one-hour than the world uses in one year.  Some 970 trillion kilowatt hours of energy every day. Yet solar power contributes less than one-half of 1% of the world’s daily power generation. 


Solar power is free, clean and has the least environmental impact of any power generating technology.   Solargystics is finding the ways that make capturing the power of the sun competitive with traditional electricity generating methods.